Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Interview with a Loaner - Annabel Knight

Recently, we interviewed Annabel Knight, a very active Loaner who is enjoying being part of the Loanables community and wants to share her experience with the rest of our community.

Hello Anabel. Can you please tell our members why and when you decided to become a Loanables member?
I've been on Loanables so long, I don't even remember how I heard about it. But it sounded like a great idea, so I joined up. After a few months, I even contacted the founder and got some signs from him to put in my yard, because it's such a good concept.

Ok, so have you Loaned, Borrowed, or Both?
I mostly loan, although I have browsed from time to time looking for items to borrow.

What sort of Loanable items have you Loaned and Borrowed?
I have a Dyson "cyclone" vacuum which is very popular, and also a carpet steam cleaner.

See here for yourselves, folks:

How has your experience been?
Fantastic! I was nervous the first time I loaned out my Dyson--after all, it's a pretty expensive appliance--but everyone has been courteous and reliable. I love hearing from people how much they love the Dyson. One guy showed me that his carpet had actually changed colors: what looked like a dark green carpet was actually blue after the dirt was gone!

Think about your most popular Loanable -- the item that has rented out the most. Based on the income you've made from this item and the original cost of it, what has been the return on investment (ROI) for this item?
I don't really track it, but I would guess that I've probably earned back well over half the original price of the Dyson.

How does that return compare to your stock portfolio or favorite
Heheh, my stocks don't clean the floor! Seriously, though, for me, lending is not primarily about the money. It's more about sharing an expensive resource instead of having to buy your own or do without.

Would you recommend Loanables to your friends?
Absolutely. In today's economic climate, it makes sense to borrow an expensive item instead of buying it. The Loanables philosophy is community-minded and "green," and Loanables members seem to fit that profile.

What thoughts would you like to leave our Loanables members with?
Tell your friends about Loanables and get them to sign up... the more people we have loaning and borrowing, the better it will be for everyone.

There you go, folks. Annabel tells you to spread the word about Loanables. If you have a Loanables story to tell like Annabel just did, please comment on this post! We may even ask to interview you on this blog.

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