Sunday, September 16, 2007

Loaners keep your engines running

Have you ever known someone with a car or boat that just sat on their lot for years without being used? When they finally put in a fresh tank of gas and tried to start it up, what happened? It didn't start! Why? Because engines are meant to be used, not to sit there abandoned. When you use an engine regularly, the various seals and other parts stay properly lubricated and moist so that they do not dry out. It also keeps fresh gas and oil running through the system instead of letting stale fluids sit there. Simply put, an unused engine deteriorates over time.

This is one of the many great benefits of loaning your stuff out to neighbors. The extra use is actually good for it! I have found this to be the case with all of my engine-equipped Loanables, including my fishing boat and my lawnmower. The fishing boat is something I just don't use as often as I thought I would, and an outboard motor is expensive (the 25HP motor is worth more than the boat and trailer combined!) By sharing my boat, it gets much more use and stays in better condition than if I just let it sit there, deteriorating.

Same for my lawnmower, which I don't use these days since I pay the neighborhood kids to cut my lawn. A guy in my neighborhood rented it once because he has a small electric mower which is too small for his large lot. He wanted to rent it every other week, so now I just let him borrow it (free of charge) whenever he wants. He has even offered to service the mower for me the next time he borrows it! It has truly been a win-win scenario for both of us. The only losing party in this is the lawnmower manufacturer who missed out on selling 1 more brand new unit. But hey, I think they'll get over it...

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